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Shop Art Gallery- Submission

Shop Art Gallery - Submission Form

We all need cool stuff to decorate our garages, she sheds, shops, man caves or whatever you call yours, and Fall Carlisle has it! We’ve found lots of cool vendors at several of our events selling art they’ve made from car parts as well as other automotive-themed works. Now we’re going to highlight select pieces in Building T in our Shop Art Gallery. Any “automotive artist” can submit their work for consideration and there is no charge to display in the gallery. Examples of eligible items include desk lamps made from valve covers, clocks made from timing chains and gears, trophies made from rods and pistons and…well, YOU tell us.

Multiple pieces are welcome, but each must be submitted separately. Each artist is responsible for delivery and pickup and their work. Items may be shipped for display but the artist is also responsible for return shipping. All questions may be directed to or 717-243-7855 ext 131. The latest date to submit is August 31, 2022.


Your application will not be approved without providing a photo. Make sure you are using a high resolution picture, so that your item is accurately portrayed! If you have multiple items, you must submit them separately. Thanks for submitting!

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